Community Prevention Unit


Prof F. Paccaud


This unit is active in disease prevention, mainly in the field of cardiovascular disease and epidemiological transition (with a group active in the Seychelles since about 20 years), in close collaboration with the World Health Organization (IUMSP as collaborating centre) and other international organizations.


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Cardiovascular disease and epidemiological transition (GCT)


The following files can be downloaded (right click on the filename):

File Description
Panel-fr.pdf Désaccoutumance au tabac en Suisse
Panel-de.pdf Tabakentwöhnung in der Schweiz.
markovmodel.pdf Markov Model for the Lausanne University Cost-effectiveness Analyses on Smoking Cessation Interventions
EUhosp_quest.pdf Questionaire on smoking cessation conselling for inpatients in some european hospitals
EUhosp_data.pdf Smoking cessation conselling availability in some european hospitals.
b_cas_res.xls Table: Synthesis of cost-effectiveness ratios for a 45-year-old.
b_cas_res_age.xls Table: Incremental cost-effectiveness ratios by age.
sa_trt_eff.xls Table: Sensitivity Analysis - Treatment Efficacy.
sa_rel_1_Tx.xls Table: Sensitivity Analysis - Relapse during 1st month of treatment.
sa_rel_2_Tx.xls Table: Sensitivity Analysis - Relapse during 2nd month of treatment.
sa_prop_smo.xls Table: Sensitivity Analysis - Proportion of smokers in "preparation" stage.
sa_nat_cess_rate.xls Table: Sensitivity Analysis - Natural cessation rate.
sa_life_rel_rate.xls Table: Sensitivity Analysis - Lifetime relapse rate.
patch_sa_Tx_price.xls Figure: Sensitivity Analysis - Patch and Price.
patch_sa_Tx_eff.xls Figure: Sensitivity Analysis - Patch and Efficacy.
patch_sa_GP_fees.xls Figure: Sensitivity Analysis - Patch and GP fees.