Since 1 January 2019, the activities of the Policlinique médicale universitaire, the Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine, the Institut universitaire romand de santé au travail and the association Promotion santé Vaud, are gathered within the Center for Primary Care and Public Health (Unisanté), University of Lausanne, Switzerland. The implementation shall take place gradually until 30 April 2019.



Generating new knowledge

Through various areas of specialisations, the IUMSP carries out research work that leads to scientific publications.

The results of this work target mainly the scientific community, through the scientific literature (our publications).

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Stimulating interaction between research and practice

The IUMSP carries out evaluations, appraisals, and case studies within the framework of its areas of expertise. Its multidisciplinary and experimented teams use a wide range of public health scientific investigation methods, customised for each commission.

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Transfering knowledge to today’s and tomorrow’s professionals

The IUMSP a training institution for physicians in training (pre- and post-graduate) as well as for FMH specialists in prevention and public health. The IUMSP also offers continuing education, e.g. CAS in clinical research and CAS in public health.

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Latest publications

Debons J, Lucia S, Bize R. Lausanne, Policlinique médicale universitaire, Unisanté, 2019, (Raisons de santé 307).

Stadelmann S, Surís J-C. Lausanne, Policlinique médicale universitaire - Unisanté, 2019, (Raisons de santé - les essentiels 11).

Bize R, Taushanov Z, Decollogny A, Pin S, Marti J. Lausanne, Policlinique médicale universitaire, Unisanté, 2019, (Raisons de santé 306).


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