To develop appropriate responses to the population's healthcare needs and support their implementation.

More than 180 specialists

The IUMSP, founded in 1970, is an internationally renowned academic institute, which provides research, teaching and expertise in the field of public health. 
Linked to both the Lausanne University Hospital (CHUV) and the Faculty of Biology and Medicine at the University of Lausanne (UNIL), it houses over 150 public health specialists working in over a dozen different disciplines.

Areas of specialisation

  • Epidemiology and prevention of chronic diseases
  • Organisation of health care services
  • Quantitative methods in medicine and public health


Generating new knowledge

Through its research and development, IUMSP creates new knowledge and applies existing knowledge in new ways, primarily for the scientific community.

Within its specialist areas, IUMSP IUMSP conducts research projects on the following topics:

  • cancer and cardiometabolic diseases;
  • the population aging;
  • evaluation of health care;
  • biostatistical methods.

Spreading knowledge and enhancing expertise

The IUMSP participates in the teaching of different courses at the University of Lausanne, and other educational and training establishments. Collaborators at IUMSP organise training and provide courses  at the undergraduate and postgraduate level (bachelors and masters courses and in the doctoral school) and in continuing education (CAS, DAS and MAS).

Stimulating interaction between research and practice

IUMSP is commissioned to carry out evaluations, expert reports and case studies. Its experienced multi-disciplinary teams use a broad range of methods for scientific investigation in public health, customised to each request. 

IUMSP offers expertise in:

  • designing and conducting studies (such as evaluation, planning, and situation analysis), ,research projects and public health interventions;
  • providing support for the evaluation of  services, both in terms of strategic priorities and at grass-roots level.


Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine
Route de la Corniche 10, 1010 Lausanne - Switzerland
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