Why commission us?


  • The IUMSP is recognised for its independence, and its scientific and academic expertise.
  • Our teams are multi-disciplinary and experienced.
  • We use a wide range of investigative methods, both qualitative and quantitative, to fulfilhe various requests for expert reports and evaluations we are entrusted with.

We accept evaluation, expert reports and studies commissions within the IUMSP's areas of specialisation/expertise, which are:

  • Epidemiology of chronic diseases and their determinants
  • Organisation and transformation of healthcare systems
  • Quantitative and qualitative methods improvements
  • Prevention and health promotion
  • Addiction
  • Sexual health
  • Health economics

We carry out in-depth analysis on the following subjects:

  • organisation
  • planning
  • surveillance
  • evaluation 


We also provide:

  • self-evaluation support (at strategic, programme and project levels);
  • methodological support for the design and implementation of research projects and studies, and public health interventions.

A wide population range:

Our scope reaches the general public, drug users, pregnant women, adolescents, the ageing population, etc.


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Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine
Route de la Corniche 10, 1010 Lausanne - Switzerland
+41 21 314 72 72 | dess.info@unisante.ch

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