Patients and Employees Satisfaction and Opinion Surveys unit (ESOPE)

Our work 

Within the IUMSP Healthcare evaluation unit (UES), the Patients and Employees Satisfaction and Opinion Surveys unit (ESOPE):

  • designs and carries out opinion and satisfaction surveys;

  • offers methodological advice and logistical support in this field;

  • carries out research with a the aim of improving the tools used to measure opinion and satisfaction, and of understanding the processes associated with patients and professionals satisfaction.

Our opinion and satisfaction surveys

Measuring patients satisfaction
ESOPE is the centre of expertise for patients satisfaction surveys in Switzerland, and is approved by the Association nationale pour le développement de la qualité dans les hôpitaux et les cliniques (ANQ) (National association for the development of quality in hospitals and clinics).The unit thus carries out various hospital patients surveys, including within CHUV.

Measuring professionnals satisfaction
Simultaneously, ESOPE specialises in measuring satisfaction and well-being at workand carries out satisfaction surveys that have been tailored to the context of the commissioning institutions . ESOPE is commissioned by the CHUV, and also the Canton of Vaud (e.g. Department of Infrastructure and Human Resources, Vaud Police, Personnel department).

Other commissioned surveys 
ESOPE also carries out opinion and satisfaction surveys tailored to its clients’ specific needs. The following institutions have commissioned such work from ESOPE: Association vaudoise d’établissements médico-sociaux [Vaud association of care homes], Fédération des hôpitaux vaudois [Vaud hospitals federation], and regional home care organisations.

Who is ESOPE for?

The services provided by ESOPE are mainly aimed at hospitals and other public institutions and administrative bodies, as well as at private organisations, foundations and companies.

Why commission us?

Because of its affiliation to the CHUV and UNIL, ESOPE can ensure:

  • excellent knowledge of the concepts linked to the commissions (e.g. patients satisfaction, well-being at work), updated by a constant monitoring of scientific progress 

  • methodological and logistical expertise in the management of quantitative surveys (design of paper or electronic questionnaires) and qualitative surveys (framework development , conducting interviews)

  • rigorous data analysis, whether quantitative or qualitative

  • Diversity of disciplines and methodologies, allowing ESOPE to work for a variety of institutions

  • All surveys data are kept securely.


Tel: + 41 21 314 77 25

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