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Advances in medicine, combined with overall improvements in health and living conditions, resulted in a significant prolongation of life expectancy of the Swiss population. This, generally favorable, generates an increase of disabling conditions and, therefore, also care needs. The decrease in certain serious communicable disease is associated with an increase in chronic degenerative diseases.

A multitude of new problems and challenges are therefore posed to researchers, a large proportion can not be supported by sources and existing funding streams.

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Foundation for Social and Preventive Medicine
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Goals of the foundation and statutes

Founded in 1990 on the initiative of a group of executives of the Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine (IUMSP) of Lausanne, the "Foundation for Social and Preventive Medicine" is a not-for-profit Foundation.
It aims to encourage and support all research in the fields of epidemiology, social and preventive medicine, mainly conducted within the framework of the IUMSP or in connection with the Institute.

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Prof. hon. A. Marazzi (President)
Prof. B. Burnand, IUMSP
Prof. hon F. Levi, IUMSP
Prof. F. Paccaud, IUMSP
Prof. B. Santos-Eggimann, IUMSP

List of Laureates

2015 Mme Helena Marti-Soler Seasonality of cardiovascular risk factors : an analysis including over 230'000 participants in 15 countries
Mme Ana Lucia Mayen-Chacon Socioeconomic determinants of dietary patterns in low-and middle-income countries : a systematic review
2014 Mme Ilise Feitshans Forecasting Nano Law : Protecting Public Health Under International Law
2013 Mme Silvia Stringhini Contribution of modifiable risk factors to social inequalities in type 2 diabetes : the prospective Whitehall II cohort study
Mme Tanica Lynghoh Serum uric acid and adiposity : deciphering causality using a bidirectional mendelian randomization approach
2012 Mme Valérie Santschi Impact of Pharmacist Care in the Management of Cardiovascular Disease Risk Factors
M. Georg Ehret Genetic variants in novel pathway influcence blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases risk
2011 Mme Aurélie Berthet Développement d’outils de surveillance biologique pour l’évaluation des risques à la santé de travailleurs en arboriculture et en viticulture exposés aux fongicides
2010 Mme Maryline Foerster Alcohol drinking and cardiovascular risk in a population with high mean alcohol consumption
2009 Mme Clara Kelliny Metabolic syndrome according to different definitions in a rapidly developing country of the African region
2008 M. Pascal Juillerat Prevalence of Inflammatory Bowel Disease in the Canton of Vaud (Switzerland) : A population-based cohort study
2007 Mme Isabelle Peytremann Bridevaux Epidémiologie du surpoids et de l’obésité et évaluation de son impact sur les services de santé, dans 10 pays européens. Analyse des données SHARE (Survey of Health Ageing and Retirement in Europe »
2006 M. Nicolas Rodondi Counselling overweight and obese patients in primary care : a prospective cohort study
M. Florian Froehlich "Appropriateness of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy. European multicenter study" et "The EPAGE Internet Guidelines"
2005 Mme Anne Pralong Dr Julius Spanier (1880 – 1959), pédiatre juif. Acteur du développement de la pédiatrie sociale et préventive dans la première moitié du XXème siècle à Munich et victime de persécutions à l’égard des médecins juifs sous le IIIème Reich
  M. John Prior Evaluation of a multicomponent worksite health promotion program for cardiovascular risk factors-correcting for the regression towards the mean effect
2004 Not distributed  
2003 Not distributed  
2002 M. Nicolas Stettler Infant Weight Gain and childhood overweight status in a multicenter cohort study
2001 M. Nic Zerkiebel Electrocardiographic Finding in a Middle-aged African Population in the Seychelles Islands
2000 Not distributed  
1999 M. Jean-Luc Bulliard Role of climatic and behavioural factors in the epidemiology of melanoma
1998 M. Bertrand Graz Prévention de la cécité due au trachome. Essai clinique randomisé en Chine
1997 Mme Béatrice Neuffer Bajetta Utilité des enquêtes d’entourage pour tuberculose effectuées dans le canton de Vaud entre 1990 et 1992

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