[Health situation and issues in the Seychelles in 2012].

Title[Health situation and issues in the Seychelles in 2012].
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsBovet, P, Gédéon, J, Louange, M, Durasnel, P, Aubry, P, Gaüzère, B-A
JournalMed Sante Trop
Date Published2013 Jul-Sep
ISBN Number2261-2211 (Electronic)
KeywordsChronic Disease, Demography, Health Services Needs and Demand, Health Status, Humans, National Health Programs, Seychelles, Tropical Climate, Vital Statistics

Off the coast of Kenya, the Seychelles, home to 87,400 inhabitants mostly of African origin, have largely completed their demographic and epidemiologic transitions. Major investments in infrastructure and social services have fostered steady economic growth. Health care and education are free. The predominance of chronic non-communicable diseases and rapid aging of the population nonetheless present significant challenges for public health and the health system. Like the other small island states in the region, the Seychelles continue to be threatened by arbovirus outbreaks. Health indicators are good, but the geographic isolation, the small and aging population, and limited resources make a major challenge maintaining and sustaining an effective workforce of health professionals, a constantly evolving technical platform, and increasing amount of medications particularly in view of the increasing burden of chronic diseases.


Titre en anglais : Health situation and issues in the Seychelles in 2012

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