Health situation and issues in the Seychelles in 2012.

TitleHealth situation and issues in the Seychelles in 2012.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsBovet, P, Gédéon, J, Louange, M, Durasnel, P, Aubry, P, Gaüzère, BA
JournalMed Sante Trop
Date Published2013 Nov 27

Located off the coast of Kenya, the Republic of the Seychelles is an island archipelago nation whose citizens are mostly of African origin. The population, independent from the United Kingdom since 1976, has largely completed its demographic and epidemiological transitions. Major investments in infrastructure and social services have fostered a steady economic growth. Health services and education are free. The predominance of chronic non-communicable diseases and rapid aging of the population cause significant new challenges for public health and the health system. However, like the other small island states in the region, the Seychelles remains under the threat of outbreaks, particularly of arboviruses. Health indicators from 2012 are generally very good. There are concerns, however, about the future of health care in the country. Geographic isolation, the small and aging population and limited resources provide major challenges for maintaining and sustaining an effective workforce of health professionals, a constantly evolving technical platform and an increasing number of available medications. This is true particularly in view of the increasing burden of chronic diseases and the continued threat to the population of current or emerging infectious diseases. The purpose of this article is to provide a brief introduction to the geography, history, and political context of Seychelles to provide an account of the current situation regarding major diseases in the Seychelles and to review health priorities of the last few decades. To our knowledge, no comprehensive inventory of sporadic, endemic or epidemic events has been attempted before, except for a remarkable report from the 1950s [1]. Using health data from the past few decades, information from health personnel who live and practice in the Indian Ocean, we attempt to identify major current and future health challenges in the Seychelles.

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