Factors associated with healthcare professionals' intent to stay in hospital: a comparison across five occupational categories.

TitleFactors associated with healthcare professionals' intent to stay in hospital: a comparison across five occupational categories.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsGilles, I, Burnand, B, Peytremann-Bridevaux, I
JournalInternational Journal For Quality in Health Care
Date Published04/2014
ISSN1353-4505 (linking)
ISBN Number1464-3677 (Electronic)

OBJECTIVE: To identify factors associated with intent to stay in hospital among five different categories of healthcare professionals using an adapted version of the conceptual model of intent to stay (CMIS).

DESIGN: A cross-sectional survey targeting Lausanne University Hospital employees performed in the fall of 2011. Multigroup structural equation modeling was used to test the adapted CMIS model among professional groups. Measures Satisfaction, self-fulfillment, workload, working conditions, burnout, overall job satisfaction, institutional identification and intent to stay.

PARTICIPANTS: Surveys of 3364 respondents: 494 physicians, 1228 nurses, 509 laboratory technicians, 935 administrative staff and 198 psycho-social workers.

RESULTS: For all professional categories, self-fulfillment increased intent to stay (all β > 0.14, P < 0.05). Burnout decreased intent to stay by weakening job satisfaction (β < -0.23 and β > 0.22, P < 0.05). Some factors were associated with specific professional categories: workload was associated with nurses' intent to stay (β = -0.15), and physicians' institutional identification mitigated the effect of burnout on intent to stay (β = -0.15 and β = 0.19).

CONCLUSION: Respondents' intent to stay in a position depended both on global and profession-specific factors. The identification of these factors may help in mapping interventions and retention plans at both a hospital level and professional groups' level.


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