2015 SSPH+ Doctoral Workshop - « Inequalities in Health and Health Care ».


The University of Lausanne is pleased to host this Doctoral Workshop as part of the SSPH+ program « International Doctoral Courses in Health Economics and Policy ».

Presentation :
The course is intended for PhD students and other researchers interested in the quantitative analysis of inequality and inequity in health and health care. It consists of five days of lectures and computing laboratory sessions on a number of topics related to the measurement and explanation of inequalities in health and health care. Apart from providing a general introduction to the range of approaches available to researchers, it also provides practical guidance on various issues of computation. Illustrative examples draw on analyses conducted of OECD and developing countries. Students are assessed on their completion of a practical exercise of data analysis.
Objectives :
  • to give students understanding of approaches to the measurement of health inequality and inequity employed in economics and other disciplines
  • To make students competent in the computation of health inequality measures using Stata
  • To motivate students to conduct their own research into health inequalities
Date / Time July 6 - 10, 2015
Place University of Lausanne
Prof. Tom Van Ourti (Erasmus University Rotterdam)
Prof. Owen O’Donnell (EUR & University of Macedonia, Greece)
Further information Detailed Progam (PDF)
Information about the Doctoral Workshops University of Lugano web page | Brochure (PDF)

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