The Prix Leenards age and society 2016 awarded to Yves Henchoz, IUMSP collaborator


Prix Leenards age and society 2016

Yves HenchozHealth services unit (USS) collaborator, has been awarded a prize for his research «  Evolution de la qualité de vie dans la population âgée : Autant en emporte le temps ? » (Evolution of quality of life in the older population: Gone with the time  ?)

The Awards presentation will take place during the Leenards age & society colloquium, open to the public, upon registration, on 29 November, from 2.00 p.m. to 6.00 p.m., at the BCV Concert Hall (Flon Lausanne).

"If older persons represent the demographic group with the most significant growth, disparities within this same group – according to professional paths or these persons own characteristics – do not allow for the definition of a unique ageing or accompanying process. Similarly, the life span’s lengthening does not allow seeing this period as uniform. « Retirement is no longer envisaged as one and single life step, but rather as a succession of transitions. It represents a horizon offering new opportunities, it is anticipated and prepared» explains Pascal Gay, President of the « age and society » Commission and member of the « quality of health 65+ » jury. Health remains a key factor of seniors’ quality of life but numerous other elements are taken into account today. « Interdisciplinarity and the attention paid to innovation contribute to position the call for projects within a complementarity with the main research promotion instruments, notably the SNF », adds Erwin Zimmerman, President of the « quality of health 65+ » jury. The Foundation, via its age and society domain, encourages projects accompanying society’s evolution and committed to making the increase in life expectancy an opportunity to seize ».

Extract from the press release of 15 November 2016

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