The results of the first survey on integrated care in Switzerland have just come out


Swiss Survey on Integrated Care  

A Forum of Managed Care, Swiss Health Observatory (Obsan), and Lausanne Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine joint project.

Care fragmentation and the increase in chronic diseases prevalence put healthcare systems under pressure.
To answer this, integrated care approaches are recommended, and numerous initiatives have been launched in this field, in Switzerland and elsewhere.
Initiated by the Forum Managed Care (FMC), the Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine (IUMSP) and the Swiss Health Observatory (Obsan), the project presented in this report aims to provide a detailed list of all initiatives (e.g. organisations, networks, models, programmes) targeting the integration of healthcare, and active on the Swiss territory over the period studied. The mapping thus obtained, as well as the characteristics of these initiatives, will contribute to a better understanding of the existing integrated care activities, to improving their visibility, and to sharing experiences.

The strength of this first Swiss survey on integrated care lies above all in the systematic search for integrated care initiatives by all main actors of the Swiss healthcare system. This systematic approach has allowed us to obtain a complete cartography of integrated care in Switzerland. The main limit of this survey is linked to the use of an « integrated care » operational definition.

Despite a federalist system, which contributes to care fragmentation, and despite limited incentives for integrated care development, the initiatives identified in Switzerland are notably numerous, diversified, and spread out across the country.
Initiatives categorisation expresses furthermore a distribution heterogeneity among the various language regions.
The results of the Swiss survey on integrated care should not only contribute to promoting the institutions and individuals already active in this field, but also to supporting the various healthcare system actors in the promotion, development, evaluation of and support to integrated care in Switzerland.

Download the complete file at: (in French)

Publication in French, with abstract in German





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