External communication

The IUMSP’s website and annual report are two major elements of the IUMSP’s communication.

The uDDSP is responsible for their conception, development, management, and organisation as well as for the drafting of their contents.

Additional communication tools

The website and annual report are complementary, and have been completely reshaped since the uDDSP’s setting up.

While the Institute’s website, full of information, aims to show the scope of the IUMSP’s activities and its expertise in research, training and commissions, the annual report highlights the year’s major achievements, and some key figures.

As a complement to these two elements, the uDDSP has also developed IUMSP presentation flyers, in keeping with the annual report and website’s graphic line.

Internal communication

Source of proposal, the uDDSP also develops, to the extent of its means, internal communication tools.



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