Documentary research support

For whom?

This service is aimed for IUMSP researchers as well as for students carrying out research work at the IUMSP.

It is exceptionally open, upon request, and within the uDDSP’s availability, to external persons or institutions. These contributions are then provided against payment and require a service contract. For any requests, please contact : (do not use the form below).

A methodology

Documentary research is based on a search strategy.

To define it precisely, it must be duly informed. 

The following elements must notably be provided on the form below:

  • Context and aim of search
  • Research question (depending on the situation, use the PICO method -people/intervention/comparison/outcome, this is not always possible, depending on the question)
  • List of terms and keywords (descriptors and synonyms)
  • Type of literature search: language, relevant timespan, etc.
  • Main databases (For help: see also Finding documents and data)

FILL OUT THE FORM (Only for IUMSP researchers and students carrying research work at the IUMSP)

The service

A librarian specialised in complex documentary research for specific projects is available. He provides his expertise to finalise the formulation of research questions, carry out research in specific databases, and advises on the literature search process in general.

After filling out the form, you must book an appointment with  021 314 72 75.

No research will commence if this form is not filled out and sent!! Thank you for your cooperation!



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