Access to information on home- and community-based services and functional status.

TitleAccess to information on home- and community-based services and functional status.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsCattagni Kleiner, A, Santos-Eggimann, B, Fustinoni, S, Seematter-Bagnoud, L
JournalInternational journal of public health
Date Published03/2018
KeywordsAccess to Information, Functional status, HCBS, Home- and community-based services, Older adult

OBJECTIVES: To examine differences in access to home- and community-based service (HCBS) information among older adults of different functional status.

METHODS: Cross-sectional survey of 5435 out of 11,000 randomly selected Swiss older community dwellers from the state of Vaud. Analyses stratified by functional status examined characteristics associated with limited access to HCBS information, based on self-reported knowledge on where to find information on 13 HCBS.

RESULTS: Proportionally, more individuals did not know where to look for information in the functionally vulnerable group than in the robust and dependent ones for virtually each service. Among robust individuals, males and persons with low financial status had increased odds of limited access. Low financial status was also negatively associated with access to information among vulnerable people. Belonging to the youngest group increased the odds of limited access for dependent individuals.

CONCLUSIONS: Efforts should be made to improve elders' access to HCBS information by developing specific strategies relevant to each functional status group. Further studies on access to HCBS information should be conducted using complex conceptual frameworks as it has been done for HCBS use.

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Alternate JournalInt J Public Health
Citation Key / SERVAL ID7971
Peer reviewRefereed
PubMed ID28620770


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