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Producing research and expertise


IUMSP researchers raise awareness on the results of their research and mandates by means of publications such as articles, books or reports listed on the IUMSP’s website under the "Publications" tab. The articles are published in various scientific journals, some of which allow access to the article free of charge (Open Access). Others request a financial contribution from readers.  More on Open access and how to find a scientific article.


The data that have allowed producing results presented in the publications are more and more often available with the publication, on Open access or upon request (Open research data). This data must allow the validation of the results presented.

We owe this development to the scientific journals editors and to some public research funders (notably the Swiss National Science Foundation).

A repository

Thus, the IUMSP (uDDSP) has developed a research and expertise data repository linked with some IUMSP researchers’ publications: . Access to these data may be, depending on the case, open or upon request by means of a form available on the repository.

Trainings in data management planning

Prior to sharing research data, their management must have been planned all along the research process (data lifespan). Some public funders, of which the SNF, require this planning from researchers by means of a tool called "Data management plan" ou DMP.
The IUMSP (uDDSP) has set up trainings in this field. They are aimed for CHUV professionals and some are also open to externals:

  1. Introduction to the Data management plan (training open to professionals not working at the CHUV)
  2. Practical workshop: Data management plan (DMP) accompanying a clinical research project funded by the SNF.

For further information about these training, browse our Short continuing education pages

E-learning modules

Train online for research data management on the e-learning Research data management platform.

DOI (finding publications and data)

The digital object identifier (DOI) are long-term and interoperable identifiers used in the digital network. Publications and data receive a DOI that allows finding them online, even if the URL has changed.

A DOI allows finding a dataset by means of a conventional search engine (Google, etc...). Example: DOI:10.16909/DATASET/3 



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