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Research data repositories

The IUMSP owns its own research data repository data@iumsp. The data in this repository are described by metadata (see definition below) and available upon request (protected access).

Thus, research data featured in this repository are accessible, quotable, reusable, interoperable and reliable (FAIR principle: findable, accessible, interoperable, reusable)

The availability of the data and the information regarding them conform to the principle of open research data.

Finding a repository

Use rec3data to find a repository among the 1500 listed in this directory.

Research data: some definitions

What is data?

  • Factual record (unconstrued data)
  • Produced within a scientific framework
  • Diverse natures and formats
  • Communicable and transferable to validate research results

Data are:

  • valuable
  • increasingly numerous -> significant usage potential as a result of technical developments and artificial intelligence
  • underused

 It is therefore crucial to be able to:

  • find them
  • understand them
  • verify them
  • reuse them

Some definitions about data

Metadata: data describing other data (eg.: "author name" is a metadata describing the person having written the article). They depict digital resources while describing their properties. For more:  INIST tutorial.

Primary data (or raw data): these are unconstrued, original data, collected for the first time.

Secondary data: these are data that have been collected within the framework of another research, and are usually reused within a different context (eg, data featured in a book or an article).


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