A IUMSP collaborator specialised in screening appointed as expert for the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC)


Colorectal cancer is one of the three most frequent cancers in the world, affecting more that 1.6 million persons and killing some 700.000 individuals per year. Numerous tests exist – or are under development – to screen this cancer. They are mostly stemming from endoscopic methods, imaging, or analyses of various biological material.

In order to establish for the first time the evidence level of the benefits, risks and of the benefit-risk ratio associated with the main current screening tests, the IARC gathered during 8 days a panel of about 30 world experts covering mainly the fields of gastroenterology, epidemiology, pathology, oncology, and econometrics.

Among the experts, originating from some 15 countries, is Dr PD MER Jean-Luc Bulliard, epidemiologist at the IUMSP, member of the scientific committee of the International Cancer Screening Network, and screening specialist of chronic diseases. Dr Bulliard is notably responsible for the evaluation of cantonal cancer screening programmes (breast and colon) and of their monitoring in Switzerland since several years.

Rigorously evaluating an abundant literature, this panel has synthetises in a consensual manner the current knowledge on colorectal cancer screening tests. The conclusions drawn from this work will be published in a prominent medical journal in early 2018. The IARC will also publish a monograph, written by these experts and entitled « colorectal cancer screening ». This monograph should help and guide public health authorities of the numerous countries contemplating the setting up of colon cancer screening programmes.

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