Tribute to Dr Tarik Yalcin


Tarik Yalcin, former head of research project at the IEMS (Institute of health economics and management, integrated within the IUMSP in 2015) passed away recently aged 66. He significantly contributed to the success of numerous projects, for which his analysis acuity, scientific rigour and sense of challenge did wonders. Several of his colleagues also face the loss of a reliable friend.

Tarik Yalcin was a doctor of science in statistical physics, holder of an EPFL diploma of physics engineering. After several positions of responsibility, he joined the IEMS in 2002 as a researcher and teacher. Within the framework of his IEMS duties, Tarik Yalcin led several research projects in health economics and contributed to prominent international publications, in particular in the field of health inequalities.

His talent also led him across borders thanks to his excellent game of bridge, which earned him the title of National Master. Several times a Swiss Champion, he never spoke about it within his professional environment.

He will be missed by numerous colleagues who could always seek good advice from him. He was always available, in accordance with his generous nature. We will fondly remember the wonderful meal he offered us this last spring «Chez Pitch».

We convey our sincere condolences to his family.


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