Vaud Tumour Registry (RVT)


Physician in charge: DRafael Blanc Moya

Scientific director: Dr PD Jean-Luc Bulliard

Since 1 August 2014, the Vaud tumours registry (RVT) is part of the Division of chronic diseases (directed by Prof. Murielle Bochud). See organisational chart

Main tasks of the RVT

The Vaud Tumours Registry’s main purpose is epidemiological.
As such, its general tasks are to:

·         Record nominally all cases of neoplastic diseases in residents of the canton of Vaud.

·         Compile statistics that describe the frequency, distribution, prognosis and evolution over time of cancers in the Vaud population.

·         Generate and participate in research into the aetiology of cancers, associated mortality and morbidity, and study the impact of preventive and screening interventions.


·         Recording of cancer cases.

·         Broad recording of precancerous lesions (e.g. bowel polyps) and some non-invasive tumours.

·         Participation to NICER.

·         Collaboration with other Swiss cancer registries.

·         Participation in research projects linked with cancer epidemiology.


·         > 200,000 cases in 40 years

·         Around 6,000 files registered per year, of which 4,900 invasive cancers cases

·         >50,000 histology/anatomo-pathology reports analysed each year

·         <3% of records made from death certificates

·         >95% of records with histologic data

Our publications

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Our team

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Our history

The RVT was created in 1972 as part of IUMSP, and has gone through various stages.
1970s: The RVT was part of the Division for noncommunicable diseases (Prof. Delachaux)
1985-1995: the RVT was part of the Department of epidemiology and prevention (Prof. Gutzwiller)
1995-2014: the RVT was part of the Unit of cancer epidemiology (Prof. Levi)

Blanc Moya Rafael Lyuvar
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