Health Services Unit (USS)


The issues

Health services include all services, personal or otherwise, relating to prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease, or to promotion, maintenance/upkeep and restoration of health. Such services are the basis of healthcare systems.

·         What are the population’s healthcare services needs?

·         Are current services organised to meet these needs optimally?

·         Are the benefits accessible to all?

·         Do they meet expectations?

The Health Services Unit examines these types of issue.

Research work

The USS’s research work primarily focusses on the health of older persons and ways of adapting the healthcare system to suit the needs of ageing populations.  The scope covered includes medical and social care facilities designed for people with a chronic functional dependency.

The USS is home to the Lc65+ cohort, which studies age-related frailty and its prevention, and the Centre for Observation and Analysis of Ageing (COAV), the result of an active collaboration with the Geriatrics and Geriatric Rehabilitation department at CHUV.

Service work

Many projects are commissioned, particularly by federal or cantonal public bodies. The unit also maintains close links with international research partners, such as the European SHARE survey (Survey of health, ageing and retirement in Europe) and the 5-COOP project (5 countries oldest-old project) dedicated to centenarians.

Areas of activity: 


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