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Herzog D, Fournier N, Buehr P, Rueger V, Koller R, Heyland K, Nydegger A, Spalinger J, Schibli S, Petit L-M, Braegger CP. Age at disease onset of inflammatory bowel disease is associated with later extraintestinal manifestations and complications. European Journal Of Gastroenterology & Hepatology (2018).
Akré C, Polvinen J, Ullrich NJ, Rich M. Children's at Home: Pilot Study Assessing Dedicated Social Media for Parents of Adolescents with Neurofibromatosis Type 1. Journal Of Genetic Counseling (2018).
Tuleasca C, Najdenovska E, Régis J, Witjas T, Girard N, Champoudry J, Faouzi M, Thiran J-P, Cuadra MBach, Levivier M, Van De Ville D. Clinical response to Vim's thalamic stereotactic radiosurgery for essential tremor is associated with distinctive functional connectivity patterns. Acta Neurochirurgica (2018).
Haba-Rubio J, Marti-Soler H, Tobback N, Andries D, Marques-Vidal P, Vollenweider P, Preisig M, Heinzer R. Clinical significance of periodic limb movements during sleep: the HypnoLaus study. Sleep Medicine 41 (2018) 45 - 50.
Piccinelli C, Carnà P, Stringhini S, Sebastiani G, Demaria M, Marra M, Costa G, d'Errico A. The contribution of behavioural and metabolic risk factors to socioeconomic inequalities in mortality: the Italian Longitudinal Study. International Journal Of Public Health (2018).
Schyrr F, Wolfer A, Pasquier J, Nicoulaz A-L, Lamy O, Naveiras O. Correlation study between osteoporosis and hematopoiesis in the context of adjuvant chemotherapy for breast cancer. Annals Of Hematology 97 (2018) 309-317.
Decollogny A, Piaget-Rossel R, Taffé P, Eggli Y. Determinants of new drugs prescription in the Swiss healthcare market. Bmc Health Services Research 18 (2018) 9.
Meyer IA, Cereda CW, Correia PN, Zerlauth J-B, Puccinelli F, Rotzinger DC, Amiguet M, Maeder P, Meuli RA, Michel P. Factors Associated With Focal Computed Tomographic Perfusion Abnormalities in Supratentorial Transient Ischemic Attacks. Stroke 49 (2018) 68-75.
Heintze SD, Monreal D, Reinhardt M, Eser A, Peschke A, Reinshagen J, Rousson V. Fatigue resistance of all-ceramic fixed partial dentures - Fatigue tests and finite element analysis. Dental Materials (2018).
Bertholet N, Studer J, Cunningham JA, Gmel G, Burnand B, Daeppen J-B. Four-year follow-up of an internet-based brief intervention for unhealthy alcohol use in young men. Addiction (2018).
Godat S, Fournier N, Safroneeva E, Juillerat P, Nydegger A, Straumann A, Vavricka S, Biedermann L, Greuter T, Fraga M, Abdelrahman K, Hahnloser D, Sauter B, Rogler G, Michetti P, Schoepfer AM. Frequency and type of drug-related side effects necessitating treatment discontinuation in the Swiss Inflammatory Bowel Disease Cohort. European Journal Of Gastroenterology & Hepatology (2018).
Amstutz A, Schandelmaier S, Frei R, Surina J, Agarwal A, Alturki R, von Niederhäusern B, von Elm E, Briel M. Funding characteristics of randomised clinical trials supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation: a retrospective cohort study. Swiss Medical Weekly 148 (2018) w14587.
Corre T, Arjona FJ, Hayward C, Youhanna S, de Baaij JHF, Belge H, Nägele N, Debaix H, Blanchard MG, Traglia M, Harris SE, Ulivi S, Rueedi R, Lamparter D, Macé A, Sala C, Lenarduzzi S, Ponte B, Pruijm M, Ackermann D, et al. Genome-Wide Meta-Analysis Unravels Interactions between Magnesium Homeostasis and Metabolic Phenotypes. Journal Of The American Society Of Nephrology 29 (2018) 335-348.
Kakebeeke TH, Zysset AE, Messerli-Bürgy N, Chaouch A, Stülb K, Leeger-Aschmann CS, Schmutz EA, Arhab A, Rousson V, Kriemler S, Munsch S, Puder JJ, Jenni OG. Impact of age, sex, socioeconomic status, and physical activity on associated movements and motor speed in preschool children. Journal Of Clinical And Experimental Neuropsychology 40 (2018) 95-106.
Creber C, Cooper RS, Plange-Rhule J, Bovet P, Lambert EV, Forrester TE, Schoeller D, Riesen W, Korte W, Cao G, Luke A, Dugas LR. Independent association of resting energy expenditure with blood pressure: confirmation in populations of the African diaspora. Bmc Cardiovascular Disorders 18 (2018) 4.
Li H, Wang X, Rukina D, Huang Q, Lin T, Sorrentino V, Zhang H, Sleiman MBou, Arends D, McDaid A, Luan P, Ziari N, Velázquez-Villegas LA, Gariani K, Kutalik Z, Schoonjans K, Radcliffe RA, Prins P, Morgenthaler S, Williams RW, et al. An Integrated Systems Genetics and Omics Toolkit to Probe Gene Function. Cell Systems 6 (2018) 90-102.
Belle F, Weiss A, Schindler M, Goutaki M, Bochud M, Zimmermann K, von der Weid N, Ammann RA, Kuehni CE. Overweight in childhood cancer survivors: the Swiss Childhood Cancer Survivor Study. The American Journal Of Clinical Nutrition 107 (2018) 3-11.
Simon-Vermot P, Pin S. Pointage annuel du profil des usagères et usagers des centres à bas seuil d’accès du canton de Vaud : PAPU 2016. Lausanne, Institut universitaire de médecine sociale et préventive (IUMSP), 2018, (Raisons de santé 281).
Tuleasca C, Régis J, Najdenovska E, Witjas T, Girard N, Champoudry J, Faouzi M, Thiran J-P, Cuadra MBach, Levivier M, Van De Ville D. Pretherapeutic functional imaging allows prediction of head tremor arrest after thalamotomy for essential tremor: the role of altered interconnectivity between thalamolimbic and supplementary motor circuits. World Neurosurgery (2018).
Tuleasca C, Najdenovska E, Régis J, Witjas T, Girard N, Champoudry J, Faouzi M, Thiran J-P, M Cuadra B, Levivier M, Van De Ville D. Pretherapeutic functional neuroimaging predicts tremor arrest after thalamotomy. Acta Neurologica Scandinavica (2018).
Lemogoum D, Van de Borne P, Lele CElysée Bi, Damasceno A, Ngatchou W, Amta P, Leeman M, Preumont N, Degaute J-P, Kamdem F, Hermans MP, Donnen P, Bovet P. Prevalence, awareness, treatment, and control of hypertension among rural and urban dwellers of the Far North Region of Cameroon. Journal Of Hypertension 36 (2018) 159-168.
Turcot V, Lu Y, Highland HM, Schurmann C, Justice AE, Fine RS, Bradfield JP, Esko T, Giri A, Graff M, Guo X, Hendricks AE, Karaderi T, Lempradl A, Locke AE, Mahajan A, Marouli E, Sivapalaratnam S, Young KL, Alfred T, et al. Protein-altering variants associated with body mass index implicate pathways that control energy intake and expenditure in obesity. Nature Genetics 50 (2018) 26-41.
Dao MDominicé, Inglin S, Vilpert S, Hudelson P. The relevance of clinical ethnography: reflections on 10 years of a cultural consultation service. Bmc Health Services Research 18 (2018) 19.
Tsioufis C, Andrikou I, Pruijm M, Ponte B, Sarafidis P, Koureas A, Tousoulis D, Agabiti-Rosei E, Mancia G, Burnier M. Should renal color Doppler ultrasonography be a routine test in newly diagnosed hypertensive patient?. Journal Of Hypertension 36 (2018) 16-22.
Khalatbari-Soltani S, de Mestral C, Marques-Vidal P. Sixteen years trends in reported undernutrition. Clinical Nutrition (2018).



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