Estimating the cost-effectiveness of modern screening mammography programmes.

TitreEstimating the cost-effectiveness of modern screening mammography programmes.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsBulliard, J-L
JournalEvid Based Med
Date Published2014 Apr
ISBN Number1473-6810 (Electronic)
Mots-clésBreast Neoplasms, Female, Health Care Costs, Humans, Mammography, Mass Screening

Context: The debate about the balance of risks and benefits of mammography screening has prompted a comprehensive review by an independent panel in the UK. However, the panel's remit did not cover the important economic dimension of breast cancer screening. Methods: The life histories of two cohort studies of 50-year-old women, who would be eligible within the National Health Service (NHS) breast screening programme (NHSBSP), were simulated over 35 years, using a life table approach. One cohort participant was offered screening at age 50 and triennially thereafter until age 70, assuming 75% attendance, while the other received no screening. Based on the findings from the panel's report, the cost-effectiveness of the NHSBSP was assessed for various scenarios of screening effect on breast cancer incidence (base case scenario: screening advances diagnosis by 5 years; 10% incidence reduction after screening stops).

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