[Social medicine: does it still make sense in 2013?].

Titre[Social medicine: does it still make sense in 2013?].
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2013
AuthorsVu, F, Bischoff, T, Wolff, H, Guessous, I, Dory, E, Dubois-Arber, F, Stringhini, S, Bodenmann, P
JournalRev Med Suisse
Pagination2232, 2234-9
Date Published2013 Nov 27
Mots-clésHealth Status Disparities, Humans, Primary Health Care, Social Medicine, Socioeconomic Factors

Social medicine is a medicine that seeks to understand the impact of socio-economic conditions on human health and diseases in order to improve the health of a society and its individuals. In this field of medicine, determining the socio-economic status of individuals is generally not sufficient to explain and/or understand the underlying mechanisms leading to social inequalities in health. Other factors must be considered such as environmental, psychosocial, behavioral and biological factors that, together, can lead to more or less permanent damages to the health of the individuals in a society. In a time where considerable progresses have been made in the field of the biomedicine, does the practice of social medicine in a primary care setting still make sense?

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