The IFNL3/4 ΔG variant increases susceptibility to cytomegalovirus retinitis among HIV-infected patients.

TitreThe IFNL3/4 ΔG variant increases susceptibility to cytomegalovirus retinitis among HIV-infected patients.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsBibert, S, Wojtowicz, A, Taffé, P, Manuel, O, Bernasconi, E, Furrer, H, Günthard, HF, Hoffmann, M, Kaiser, L, Osthoff, M, Cavassini, M, Bochud, P-Y
Corporate AuthorsStudy, SHIVCohort
Date Published2014 Aug 24
ISBN Number1473-5571 (Electronic)
Mots-clésAIDS, cytomegalovirus retinitis, HIV, IFNL3, Immunogenetics, polymorphism

BACKGROUND: Cytomegalovirus (CMV) retinitis is a major cause of visual impairment and blindness among patients with uncontrolled HIV infections. Whereas polymorphisms in interferon-lambda 3 (IFNL3, previously named IL28B) strongly influence the clinical course of hepatitis C, few studies examined the role of such polymorphisms in infections due to viruses other than hepatitis C virus.

OBJECTIVES: To analyze the association of newly identified IFNL3/4 variant rs368234815 with susceptibility to CMV-associated retinitis in a cohort of HIV-infected patients.

DESIGN AND METHODS: This retrospective longitudinal study included 4884 white patients from the Swiss HIV Cohort Study, among whom 1134 were at risk to develop CMV retinitis (CD4 nadir

RESULTS: A total of 40 individuals among 1134 patients at risk developed CMV retinitis. The minor allele of rs368234815 was associated with a higher risk of CMV retinitis (log-rank test P = 0.007, recessive mode of inheritance). The association was still significant in a multivariate Cox regression model (hazard ratio 2.31, 95% confidence interval 1.09-4.92, P = 0.03), after adjustment for CD4 nadir and slope, HAART and HIV-risk groups.

CONCLUSION: We reported for the first time an association between an IFNL3/4 polymorphism and susceptibility to AIDS-related CMV retinitis. IFNL3/4 may influence immunity against viruses other than HCV.


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