[Simulit, a simulation model for hospital planning].

Titre[Simulit, a simulation model for hospital planning].
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1987
AuthorsGrimm, R, Paccaud, F
JournalSoz Praventivmed
Date Published1987
Mots-clésComputer Simulation, Hospital Bed Capacity, Hospital Planning, Humans, Software, Switzerland

The aim of this computerized simulation model is to provide an estimate of the number of beds used by a population, taking into accounts important determining factors. These factors are demographic data of the deserved population, hospitalization rates, hospital case-mix and length of stay; these parameters can be taken either from observed data or from scenarii. As an example, the projected evolution of the number of beds in Canton Vaud for the period 1893-2010 is presented.

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Alternate JournalSoz Praventivmed
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PubMed ID3687207


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