[Evaluation of the comprehensiveness of a cancer register from death certificates].

Titre[Evaluation of the comprehensiveness of a cancer register from death certificates].
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1980
AuthorsWietlisbach, V, Junod, B, Levi, F
JournalSoz Praventivmed
Date Published1980 Sep
Mots-clésHumans, Mathematics, Neoplasms, Registries

The comparison of cancer prevalence with cancer mortality can lead under some hypotheses to an estimate of registration rate. A method is proposed, where the cases with cancer as a cause of death are divided into 3 categories: (1) cases already known by the registry (2) unknown cases having occured before the registry creation date (3) unknown cases occuring during the registry operates. The estimate is then the number of cases in the first category divided by the total of those in categories 1 and 3 (these only are to be registered). An application is performed on the data of the Canton de Vaud. Survival rates of the Norvegian Cancer Registry are used for computing the number of unknown cases to be included in second and third category, respectively. The discussion focusses on the possible determinants of the obtained comprehensiveness rates for various cancer sites.


Publication types: English Abstract ; Journal Article

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Alternate JournalSoz Praventivmed
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PubMed ID7456726


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