Chronic low back pain in primary care: patients’ and physicians’ characteristics and reasons for seeking complementary and alternative medicine


Low back pain (LBP) is the most prevalent health problem in Switzerland. In the USA, 59% of the patients with LBP saw both a physician and used one or more complementary and alternative medicine (CAM). This cross sectional survey will be done among patients consulting their family physician with chronic LBP (cLBP).

The objective is to evaluate patients’ and physicians’ attitude toward CAM, as well as the frequency of use, interest for use and modes of use of CAM to treat cLBP and to delineate whether CAM use is linked with socio-demographic characteristics, duration of cLBP, former use of conventional care and physician’s characteristics.

Results will help to understand the place and role of CAM among cLBP patients better, as it is important to know to which extent it is coordinated with conventional care and also if patients actually use CAM supported by the best evidence of effectiveness.

Début du projet: 
Mai, 2015
Fin du projet: 
Avril, 2016
Co-requérants du projet (IUMSP): 
Co-requérants du projet (non IUMSP): 
Suter Marc et Decosterd Isabelle, Service d'antalgie CHUV Lausanne, Herzig Lili, Institut universitaire de médecine générale PMU Lausanne


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