Genetics of kidney function (GWAS Plateform for NCCR-Kidney)

This technical platform (Dir: F Verrey; vice dir: J Loffing, Uni Zurich) is located at dMC and includes M Bochud (PI) and Tanguy Corre. It supports members of NCCR-Kidney.CH in conducting genetic (GWAS) analyses related to kidney function, using data from different populations in Switzerland and other countries (e.g. Swiss CoLaus and SKIPOGH cohorts). A particular interest focuses on genetic determinants of electrolytes handling by the kidneys.

Début du projet: 
Avril, 2014
Fin du projet: 
Juillet, 2020
Requérant principal ou responsable du projet (IUMSP): 
Personne de contact (IUMSP): 
Requérant principal ou responsable du projet (non IUMSP): 
Co-requérants du projet (non IUMSP): 
Devuyst Olivier Physiologisches Institut Universität Zürich
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