Assessing Chronic Disease Management in European Health Systems: Concepts and Approaches

TitreAssessing Chronic Disease Management in European Health Systems: Concepts and Approaches
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsNolte, E, Knai, C, Saltman, RB
Corporate AuthorsPeytremann-Bridevaux, I, Burnand, B, Cassis, I
Series TitleObservatory Studies Series
PaginationXIV, 97
InstitutionWorld Health Organization
Report Number9789289050302

The rising burden of chronic illness, in particular the rapid increase in the number of people with multiple health problems, is a challenge to health systems globally. Associated premature mortality and reduced physical functioning, along with higher use of health services and related costs, are among the key concerns faced by policy-makers and practitioners.

There is a clear need to redesign delivery systems in order to better meet the needs created by chronic conditions, moving from the traditional, acute and episodic model of care to one that better coordinates professionals and institutions and actively engages service users and their carers. Many countries have begun this process but it has been difficult to reach conclusions about the best approach to take: care models are highly context-dependent and scientifically rigorous evaluations have been lacking.

Assessing chronic disease management in European health systems explores some of the key issues, ranging from interpreting the evidence base to assessing the policy context for, and approaches to, chronic disease management across Europe. Drawing on 12 detailed country reports (available in a second, online volume), the study provides insights into the range of care models and the people involved in delivering these; payment mechanisms and service user access; and challenges faced by countries in the implementation and evaluation of these novel approaches.

This book builds on the findings of the DISMEVAL project (Developing and validating DISease Management EVALuation methods for European health care systems), led by RAND Europe and funded under the European Union’s (EU) Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) (Agreement no. 223277).

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