Assessing Chronic Disease Management in European Health Systems: Country reports

TitreAssessing Chronic Disease Management in European Health Systems: Country reports
Publication TypeReport
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsNolte, E, Knai, C
Corporate AuthorsPeytremann-Bridevaux, I, Burnand, B
Series TitleObservatory Studies Series
PaginationX, 140
InstitutionWorld Health Organization
Report Number9789289050326

Many countries are exploring innovative approaches to redesign delivery systems to provide appropriate support to people with long-standing health problems. Central to these efforts to enhance chronic care are approaches that seek to better bridge the boundaries between professions, providers and institutions, but, as this study clearly demonstrates, countries have adopted differing strategies to design and implement such approaches.

This book systematically examines experiences of 12 countries in Europe, using an explicit comparative approach and a unified framework for assessment to better understand the diverse range of contexts in which new approaches to chronic care are being implemented, and to evaluate the outcomes of these initiatives.

The study focuses in on the content of these new models, which are frequently applied from different disciplinary and professional perspectives and associated with different goals and does so through analyzing approaches to self-management support, service delivery design and decision-support strategies, financing, availability and access. Significantly, it also illustrates the challenges faced by individual patients as they pass through the system.

This book complements the earlier published study Assessing Chronic Disease Management in European Health Systems; it builds on the findings of the DISMEVAL project (Developing and validating DISease Management EVALuation methods for European health care systems), led by RAND Europe and funded under the European Union's (EU) Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) (Agreement no. 223277).

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