Inflammatory articular disease in patients with inflammatory bowel disease : result of the Swiss IBD Cohort Study

TitreInflammatory articular disease in patients with inflammatory bowel disease : result of the Swiss IBD Cohort Study
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsDitisheim, S, Fournier, N, Juillerat, P, Pittet, V, Michetti, P, Gabay, C, Finckh, A, Group, SIBDCohort
JournalInflammatory Bowel Diseases
Date Published11/2015
ISBN Number1536-4844 (Electronic)

BACKGROUND: Inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD) are systemic conditions that commonly display extraintestinal manifestations. Inflammatory articular disease (IAD: axial or peripheral) is the most common extraintestinal manifestation. The aim of this study was to evaluate the prevalence and the clinical characteristics associated with IAD in patients with IBD.

METHODS: We analyzed patients enrolled in the Swiss IBD cohort study. IAD was defined as persistent or recurrent joint pain with an inflammatory pattern (night pain, progressive relief during the day, morning stiffness lasting at least 30 minutes) or the presence of arthritis as diagnosed by the physicians. A multivariate logistic regression was performed to analyze which disease characteristics were independently associated with the presence of IAD.

RESULTS: A total of 2353 patients with IBD, 1359 with Crohn's disease, and 994 with ulcerative colitis (UC) were included. Forty-four percent of patients fulfilled the criteria for IAD, whereas 14.5% presented with other extraintestinal manifestations. IAD was associated with Crohn's disease, with female sex, with older age, and generally in patients with more active intestinal disease. Only in UC, IAD was further associated with tobacco smoking and with increasing body mass index.

CONCLUSIONS: This population of patients with IBD displays a high prevalence of IAD. IAD was more strongly associated with Crohn's disease than UC. Other risk factors for IAD were female sex, advanced age, active digestive disease, and tobacco consumption in patients with UC, which is interesting given the established association between smoking and other inflammatory arthritides.

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