Inclusive social protection for chronic health problems in low and middle income countries

The project examines the impact of chronic diseases on healthcare use and expenditures, work capacity and productivity, socioeconomic outcomes, and health and mortality outcomes. It also evaluates the impact of medical programs using a quasi-experimental study design. The project is coordinated by the University of Lausanne (PI: Jürgen Maurer) with collaborators in IUMSP (Pascal Bovet), Mumbai, Chennai, Zomba (Malawi), Manila, Colombo, Univ. Pennsylvania; Univ. of Southern California, LA; Harvard School of PH, Boston; and Erasmus Univ. Rotterdam.

Début du projet: 
Janvier, 2016
Fin du projet: 
Décembre, 2021
Fonds national suisse (FNS) ID: 
Co-requérants du projet (IUMSP): 
Personne de contact (IUMSP): 
Requérant principal ou responsable du projet (non IUMSP): 
Maurer J (University of Lausanne)
Co-requérants du projet (non IUMSP): 
P Arokiasamy & S Kumar Mohanty, Int. Institute Population Science, Mumbai, India; Shannon Maloney, IFMR LEAD, Chennai, India; James Mkandawire, Invest in Knowledge, Zomba, Malawi; Ravindra P. Rannan-Eliya, Institute for Health Policy, Colom


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