SimUVEx v2 : a numeric tool to predict anatomical solar ultraviolet exposure

TitreSimUVEx v2 : a numeric tool to predict anatomical solar ultraviolet exposure
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsReligi, A, Moccozet, L, Farahmand, M, Vuilleumier, L, Vernez, D, Milon, A, Backes, C, Bulliard, J-L
Conference NameSAI Computing Conference
Date Published2016

Solar ultraviolet (UV) radiation has a dual effect on human health: low UV doses promote the photosynthesis of vitamin D and regulate calcium and phosphorus metabolism, while an excessive UV exposure is the main cause of skin cancer, along with eye diseases and premature skin ageing. The link between UV radiation levels and UV exposure is not fully understood since exposure data are limited and individual anatomical variations in UV doses are significant. SimUVEx is a numeric simulation tool that uses 3D graphic techniques to estimate the dose and distribution of anatomical UV exposure received on the basis of ground irradiation and morphological data. The second version (SimUVEx v2) intend to move from individual-based to population-based exposure assessments expanding temporal, spatial and morphological simulation capabilities and improving the meteorological model to provide UV irradiance data for the whole of Switzerland (eventually the whole of Europe).

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