Building a transitional care checklist in rheumatology: a Delphi-like survey.

TitreBuilding a transitional care checklist in rheumatology: a Delphi-like survey.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsAkré, C, Surís, J-C, Belot, A, Couret, M, Dang, T-T, Duquesne, A, Fonjallaz, B, Georgin-Lavialle, S, Larbre, J-P, Mattar, J, Meynard, A, Schalm, S, Hofer, M
JournalJoint Bone Spine
Date Published07/2018
Mots-clésAdolescent, Checklist, Chronic condition, Delphi study, Transition

OBJECTIVES: To design a transitional care checklist to be used by and facilitate the work of health professionals in providing transitional care for children with a chronic rheumatologic disease and their families.

METHODS: A Delphi-like study among an international expert panel was carried out in four steps: 1)a working group of 6 specialists established a draft; 2)a web-survey among a panel of international experts evaluated it; 3)a 2-day consensus conference with an expert panel discussed items not reaching agreement; 4)a web-survey among the panel of international experts with the list of reformulated items.

RESULTS: The first draft of the checklist included 38 items in 3 phases of transition and 5 age groups. Thirty-three international experts evaluated the checklist reaching ≥80% agreement for 26 items and ≤80% for 12. The consensus conference of 12 experts discussed and redefined the 12 items. Twenty-five international experts filled out the web-survey and all items reached a minimum of 80% agreement except one. The final checklist was reached.

CONCLUSIONS: This Delphi-like study defined what themes should be included and at what age they need to be addressed with patients with a chronic rheumatology disease and their families during transition. This checklist reached a strong international and interdisciplinary consensus while examining transition in a broad way. It should now be spread widely to health professionals to be used by all those who care for adolescents aged ≥12 years at times of transition. It could be transposed to most chronic conditions. Recommendations for further research are given.

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Alternate JournalJoint Bone Spine
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