Forum de statistique : conférence «Projecting the Cancer Burden in Switzerland, from 2015 to 2019 »

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Dre Elisabetta Rapiti

Registre Genevois des Tumeurs, Université de Genève

Abstract: Accurate information on the future burden of cancer is essential to prioritize prevention activities, allocate health services and evaluate the impact of prevention strategies. However, projecting cancer rates is a hazardous exercise. Population growth and ageing patterns, as well as changes in cancer risks and to some extent detection, are just some of the factors that affect future predictions. Among the prerequisites for making evidence-based predictions are high-quality (and preferably long-term) population-based data on cancer incidence and reliable population forecasts. The statistical model that is most commonly used for prediction is the age-period-cohort model, in which the period and birth cohort effects are used as proxies for events such as risk factors, which we often cannot measure directly. In this presentation, projections of cancer incidence and cases for the period 2015-2019 in Switzerland will be shown. Cancer incidence rates were estimated using incidence data derived from the National Institute for Cancer Epidemiology and Registration (NICER) and the NORDPRED software package which uses the age-period-cohort-model.

Date et heure
Jeudi, 16 Novembre, 2017 - 11:00
Salle 11, niveau -1, Biopôle 4, bâtiment SE-A, 1066 Epalinges
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