Colloque Lausannois d’EPIdémiologie Clinique (ClepiC) : « A Dental Nudge: Impact of Screening on the Demand for Dental Care Services Among Low Income Children »

- Colloque IUMSP
Karine Moschetti / Lionel Cottier

We study the effects of health information from professionals on health care seeking behavior
for low income households. In particular, the impact of dental health screening at school
entry on dental care utilization and expenditure for children in households eligible for social
insurance in the Canton of Vaud, Switzerland. We use a regression discontinuity design that
exploits the child’s birth date and school eligibility rules as an exogenous assignment of similar
aged children to screening. We find that dental screening in school significantly increased the
probability of using dental care by 70 percent for children aged four at school entry, with an
associated increase in dental care expenditures of 30 percent in the school year. The effects of
screening on utilization are significantly greater for children in the poorest households where
employment income was zero. Our findings suggest that low income households have imperfect
information about the dental care needs of their children. Despite the costs of dental care
being covered by social insurance benefits and assured access to a comprehensive network of
dentists, low income households underutilized dental care.

Date et heure
Vendredi, 15 Décembre, 2017 - De 13:00 à 14:00
Salle Delachaux (étage 01), Institut universitaire de médecine sociale et préventive, Bâtiment Biopôle 2, route de la Corniche 10, 1010 Lausanne

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