MethodCompare: An R package to assess bias and precision in method comparison studies.

TitreMethodCompare: An R package to assess bias and precision in method comparison studies.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2018
AuthorsTaffé, P, Peng, M, Stagg, V, Williamson, T
JournalStatistical methods in medical research
Date Published01/2018
Mots-clésbiasplot, Bland-Altman plot, BLUP, differential bias, empirical Bayes, limits of agreement, measurement, method comparison, MethodCompare, proportional bias

Bland and Altman's limits of agreement have been used in many clinical research settings to assess agreement between two methods of measuring a quantitative trait. However, when the variances of the measurement errors of the two methods are different, limits of agreement can be misleading. MethodCompare is an R package that implements a new statistical methodology, developed by Taffé in 2016. MethodCompare produces three new plots, the "bias plot", the "precision plot", and the "comparison plot" to visually evaluate the performance of the new measurement method against the reference method. The method is illustrated on three simulated examples. Note that the Taffé method assumes that there are several measurements from reference standard and possibly as few as one measurement from the new method for each individual.

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Alternate JournalStat Methods Med Res
Citation Key / SERVAL ID8657
Peer reviewRefereed
PubMed ID29488448


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