InnoTREK - Epigenetic blood-based tests to objectify effects of tobacco smoking and alcohol drinking

The GenKnowMe project and future start-up company aims at examining lifestyle testing using epigenetics. These tests will compare individual values with population references and will rely on a new technology for the identification of epigenetic biomarkers. Epigenetics encompasses mechanisms regulating gene expression influenced by internal (aging, hormones, etc.) and external factors (environmental exposures, drugs, etc). Epigenetic markers -as opposed to genetic ones- can change over time depending on lifestyle and environmental exposures and tools based on these markers have therefore a great potential for health assessment. The one-year InnoTREK grant will aim at making a proof-of-concept. The ultimate goal is to commercialize the test (start-up company), starting with issues around tobacco and alcohol consumption.

Début du projet: 
Juin, 2018
Fin du projet: 
Août, 2019
Requérant principal ou responsable du projet (IUMSP): 
Personne de contact (IUMSP): 


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