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Ninon obtained an engineering degree in Bio-informatics and Modelling at the National Institute of Applied Sciences - INSA - of Lyon (France) in 2014, and a master degree in plant biology from the University of Lyon in 2015.  After a 6-month internship in the Biostatistics team of a plant breeding company, she continued to work there as a biostatistician during 8 months. She was in charge of developing a new analysis tool for plant breeders: mixed-multivariate models, using pedigree and genomic information, for multi-traits and multi-environments analyses. 
After her first experience, she decided to focus on health-related problematics and started her PhD under the supervision of Zoltán Kutalik at the Institute of Social end Preventive Medicine in February 2017. She will be working on the genetics of aging and Genotype-Environment (GxE) interactions.

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Biopôle 2, niveau 01 et bureau no 181


Institut universitaire de médecine sociale et préventive
Route de la Corniche 10, 1010 Lausanne - Switzerland
+41 21 314 72 72 |

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