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I am a PhD Candidate at the IUMSP enrolled in the Swiss Socity of Health Economics PhD program in Health Economics and Policy. I earned my bachelor’s degree in Economics at the University of Coimbra, Portugal before obtaining a Master in Economics from University of Lausanne, Switzerland.

My research  aims to evaluate the cost of food consumption across socioeconomic groups in Switzerland. The research will contribute to our understanding of socioeconomic status and nutrition in Switzerland by utilising data on individual food consumption linked to household food expenditure and retail prices. The research project is financed by the Swiss Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office (FSVO). Before joining the IUMSP, I worked in industry conducting strategic market research and studies related to real world cost-effectiveness modelling.

BSc in Economics
MSc in Economics
PhD candidate in Health Economics
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Biopôle 2, niveau 02 et bureau no 139


Institut universitaire de médecine sociale et préventive
Route de la Corniche 10, 1010 Lausanne - Switzerland
+41 21 314 72 72 |

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