Clinical epidemiology Centre (CepiC)

Clinical epidemiology is the application of epidemiological research methods, adjusted to the study of clinical medical activities and decision-making for, notably diagnosis, prognosis, prevention and therapeutics.

The Clinical Epidemiology Centre (CepiC) is a structure resulting from the collaboration between several CHUV partner institutions. It is formally attached to the IUMSP through its close connections to the Healthcare Evaluation Unit (UES).

CepiC is partnered with the Clinical Research Support Service and contributes to the work of Cochrane Switzerland



Methodology and biostatistics consultation: Provides support to CHUV and UNIL Faculty of Biology and Medicine staff in applied clinical research methods, for quantitative (statistical) and qualitative aspects.  

Support to qualitative research : The platform provides researchers the necessary expertise at methodological and epistemological level. According to the request, it can offer support over the whole research process, ranging from protocol drafting to publication, and also data collection. It may also be a punctual support at a specific stage.

In addition to general methodological support, CepiC also offers expert help in the following areas:

  • evaluation of healthcare and medical technologies;  

  • conduct of systematic reviews;

  • development of clinical practice guidelines and healthcare appropriateness criteria .

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The CepiC offers trainings in applied clinical research methodology (clinical epidemiology, quantitative, qualitative and mixed methodology, evidence-based medicine).

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Research and Development

CepiC carries out research and development into synthesis and application of knowledge that is based on scientific evidence.

International Francophone Clinical Epidemiology Network (RECIF)

CepiC is part of the Réseau d'Epidémiologie Clinique International Francophone (RECIF), the European and Mediterranean branch of the International Clinical Epidemiology Network (INCLEN). 
CepiC is one of four international-scale Centres for Clinical Epidemiology Teaching and Resources (CEREC) belonging to RECIF.
RECIF’s missions are:

  • To promote teaching and applied research in clinical epidemiology in French-speaking and European countries.

  • To promote development of ideas in clinical epidemiology using quantitative and qualitative methods.

  • To play a role in improving the healthcare system and in managing the population's health needs.





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