Division of Biostatistics and Quantitative Methods (dBMQ)

Statistics serving practice

A subtle balance 

The main task of the Division of biostatistics and quantitative methods is to understand,  command, develop, apply and teach statistical methods, and to study the best ways of processing data, from both a mathematical and practical point of view.

The statistical methods studied by the dBMQ allow to extract from these data the information  to increase knowledge in the field of life sciences, and in particular to better understand the biological processes affecting health.

The challenge for the Division of biostatistics and quantitative methods (dBMQ) was, is and will always be to keep the right balance between a “theoretical/specialist” approach and a “practical/generalist” approach to statistics.

The first one is a necessity if the division is to remain scientifically credible when contributing to the development of statistical sciences.

The second one allows for a direct usefulness to IUMSP and CHUV professionals.

This dual approach to statistics proves fruitful, practice being based on theory, and theory being motivated by practice. A comprehensive approach of statistics thus allows for more creativity when tackling their specialities.

Research work

The division of biostatistics and quantitative methods (dBMQ) regularly contributes to interdisciplinary research involve g original statistical aspects, involving other IUMSP, CHUV and UNIL units in particular, as well as the Swiss Institute for Bioinformatics (SIB).

It also supports the statistics consultation organised by the Clinical Epidemiology Centre (CEPIC).

The dBMQ's statistical research currently covers the following themes:

·         Genetic statistics

·         Development of statistical indicators and reference curves

·         Longitudinal data analysis

·         Robust statistics

Academic structure of the dBMQ

Head of Department: 
Dr Valentin Rousson, PhD, Associate professor

Dr Zoltan Kutalik, PhD, Assistant professor
Dr Isabella Locatelli PhD, MER

The dBMQ team 




Areas of activity: 


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