Incidence of second sarcomas: a cancer registry-based study.

TitreIncidence of second sarcomas: a cancer registry-based study.
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsLevi, F, Randimbison, L, Maspoli-Conconi, M, Blanc-Moya, R, La Vecchia, C
JournalCancer Causes Control
Date Published04/2014
ISSN0957-5243 (linking)
ISBN Number1573-7225 (Electronic)

BACKGROUND: In high-quality cancer registration systems, about one in eight incident cancers are second primary cancers. This is due to a combination of careful diagnostic ascertainment, shared genetic determinants, shared exposure to environmental factors and consequences of treatment for first cancer.

METHODS: We used data derived from the Swiss population-based cancer Registries of Vaud and Neuchâtel, including 885,000 inhabitants.

RESULTS: Among 107,238 (52% males) first cancers occurring between 1976 and 2010, a total of 126 second sarcomas were observed through active and passive follow-up versus 68.2 expected, corresponding to a standardized incidence ratio (SIR) of 1.85 (95 % CI 1.5-2.2). Significant excess sarcoma risks were observed after skin melanoma (SIR = 3.0), breast cancer (2.2), corpus uteri (2.7), testicular (7.5), thyroid cancer (4.2), Hodgkin lymphoma (5.7) and leukemias (4.0). For breast cancer, the SIR was 3.4 ≥ 5 years after sarcoma diagnosis.

CONCLUSIONS: The common denominator of these neoplasms is the utilization of radiotherapy in their management. Some sarcomas following breast cancer may be due to shared genetic components (i.e., in the Li-Fraumeni syndrome), as well as possibly to shared environmental factors, with sarcomas, including overweight, selected dietary and reproductive factors which are, however, too little defined for any quantitative risk assessment.


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